Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crochet Amigurumi minions ◕‿◕

* a simplified version: Minion key fob (without legs) [new updated, 3rd Aug 2013]
Finished products listed for International purchase is available at my Etsy @ shop

* Aug 21st

More Minion key fobs (simplified version, without legs) 5cm x 3cm

Finished products listed for international purchase is available at my shop


These ones are available to purchase at my Etsy shop {Listing}

And this hula-Hawaii minion to be finished soon ^.^

one more layers of the Hula leaf-skirt and legs added
but still not finish yet.. :(
I want to make a flower wreath on his head, too..

[new updated, 6th Aug 2013]
Minion at work (on-doing) - wanted to finish this one and the Hula minion above, but I'm really urgent for orders of bags at the moment - Just hope I can get them all done soon...

* Aug 11th

New today: Minion of 25cm x 12cm

I started working with him since Friday & he costs me 3 days to finish!
.. luv him, really want one for miself ^_^

Listing for International purchase is available at my Etsy @ shop

"WHAT?!" ◕‿◕

One more Hawaiian Hula minions have been created just yesterday - I have it done as my customer's request

With a leah wreath on his head

Its back:

The listing for international purchase is available now at my Etsy shop @

* Dec 23rd 2013

My newest made - Purple Evil minion ^.^

❆ This Evil Minion to be listed on my Etsy after Christmas! ❄


more to be updated ..


  1. very cute.I have a friend that would love them. Hope to find a pattern soon

  2. Adorably cute. Found through Pinterest. What is the web address for your shop - happy to cross promote (I sell handmade jewelry -