Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sleepy Owl sleeping mask - Mặt nạ cú đi ngủ free pattern

Finished Sleepy Owl sleeping mask is now listed on my Etsy

* Any hooks from size 1.5mm - 2mm
I crochet with the small cotton thread, 2 strands together, equivalent 2 mm yarn
+ An elastic band of 10 inches for kids ~15 inches for adults

PATTERN: includes 4 steps: base, eyes, nose and finish

base (pink)

O magic ring
1st 16 double crochet into the magic ring
2nd 16 single crochet
3rd 32 double crochet
4th 32 single crochet
5th 48 double crochet, cut yarn, and make one more

attach 2 pink circles: by crocheting 7 slip stitches
Then * run around the base with single crochet stitches

eyes (white)

O magic ring
1st 16 double crochet
2nd 32 double crochet

then sew the eye lashes with black thread
attach the eyes to the base with slip stitches around them

nose (yellow)

Chain 6 Skip 1 chain, slip stitch in 2nd ch
then single cro in 3rd, half double cro in 4th
double cro in 5th and treble cro in 6th ~ see chart on the last photo

attach the nose to the base by slip stitches all around the nose,

Finish the mask by sewing the elastic band and adding fringe ears

and this is how the mask looks like on the back:

Good night and sweet dreams with your Sleepy Owl sleeping mask!


Finished owl masks are available for international purchase on my Etsy shop


  1. Im gonna try it
    How sweet

  2. accessed your blog through pinterest...a decidedly cute owl definitely going to make this...thank you for sharing the pattern...take care...sally

  3. I wonder if the new scented yarns would be safe for direct contact with face?

  4. I wonder if the new scented yarns would be safe for direct contact with face?

  5. I have a question about the pattern - it says 2nd row 32 DC... does it mean that I'm supposed to work 2 DCs into one stitch, or do I just make three rows?

  6. eletau, it means that you do two dc in each stitch around for a total of 32 dc

  7. Is there any way that you can make a pattern with regular worsted weight yarn and a like size 5 hook? The stores that I shop at don't have the yarn or hook you require and I really really want to make these! They're so cute!

    1. Hi! I just made a few of these masks and they're sooo cute! I altered the pattern a little to work it with worsted and I used a size 5. I'd be happy to share what I did if you still need it! 😄

  8. superb.......

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  10. I understand up through row 4 but row 5 I am completely lost can you please tell me what to do with each dc from row four I don't know what to do to get 48 D.C. For row 5 ... I am a beginner

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  12. This pattern is absolutely adorable. Thank you for sharing. I do not understand about the elastic though. You say elastic band, is that not 'regular' elastic? If so, how do you decorate it so it is pretty? Also, after reading your directions closer, I see it says you used cotton threat, 2 strands together, do you mean like what you would use to make doilies? Thanks in advance.

  13. Thank you sooo much for sharing this pattern. This us,adorable my granddaughters are going to love these.

  14. Hello. I checked on your Etsy profile and these are not available. I wish to purchase a couple as gifts for my loved ones since I am not able to stitch them myself.