Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crochet Roses ~ with Chart/Diagram

As I've promised with some friends who requested for charts of the rose on my Facebook...
Today I am going to share the chart of my crochet Rose pins that I usually use in decorating my crochet bags. You can find the chart in the post.

here's the chart how to I make my crochet Rose:

Usually I do 25 chains with cotton yarn #2mm, using hook C 2.75mm, which makes a 2 inches rose.
You can change the number of chains, 19c for example when I want a rose bud
or it may be up to 40-50 chains if you want bigger ones.

After crocheting, start to roll your crochet piece from left to right

And it just comes out like this:

Now, you will need to sew the rose from the back to keep it in shape - While sewing the rose in shape, you can also add beads to make it prettier

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As I am working on the order of hairclips and hairties this week .. I try some little rose buds .. & decorate up ... it looks just so good! I like it! ✿

This Rosy hairclip is now listed on My Etsy

With quick and easy photo tutorial:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I used this rose pattern making my coasters as well.

These coasters are available to purchased on my Etsy shop

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have shared the same chart on Facebook too, or you may like to browse old photos of flower pins on my Facebook album at @ http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150495016505968.457844.631785967

* Nov 9th 2014
and here is my recently made wedding bouquet

with 4 strands of cotton yarn #2mm, Clover hook J 6.0 mm, it makes a cabbage rose like this:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 I hope you enjoy. Good Luck!

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