Sunday, November 4, 2012

doily dream catcher free pattern chart

* Materials and tools: - I used Vinh Thinh acrylic yarn with Tulip #2/0 hook - Aluminium wire, 2 sizes: small and big - White crystal beads, medium size - Dyed feathers
The dreamcatcher measures 23cm diameter

* How to make the frame:
- Cut a wire that fits your doily, it should be a little bit larger, so the doily can be widely spreaded around.  I cut 86 cm (including 7cm and 1,5cm from each end) because I wanted to + create curves on the top.
- Use the small wire to tie both ends together.

Chart of the doily inside:

How to connect the doily with the circle frame:

- Follow the chart above till Round 9th and when you finish it, cut off the yarn.

- Round 10th starts from the middle top of the circle-frame. You should tie the yarn to the frame first. Then begin to chain 5, and join to the doily with a slip stitch. (Make sure you set the doily in the correct direction as shown on the chart.)

- Continue chain 5, then join to the frame by a single crochet, and chain 5

- Now make a DC 5 TOG (double crochet 5 toghether), then chain 5, join to the frame .. and just go on until you finish the whole round.

Here it is when the connection is done:

When you're finished, don't forget to make the fringe and tie feathers. I also crocheted some simple flowers and chains and added beads to make it more beautiful and special.. :)


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