Friday, August 28, 2015

Crochet Chevron Pillow cover {free pattern}

This cover is for a 60*40 cm pillow

I'm using Bernat Baby Denim Marl with Clover E 3.5 mm

+ c: chain
+ sc: single crochet
+ db: double crochet

Start with 140 chains, then join to make a circle

R1: 5c, (9 db, skip 2c, 9db, 2c)* do like this for 6 times, 9db, skip 2c, 8db, then join into the 3rd chain of the beginning.
R2: 5c, (9 db, skip 2 stitches, 9db, 2c)*6, 9db, skip 2 stiches, 8db, join into the 3rd chain of the beginning
from R3: do the same as R2 until you reach the length of 60 cm.

* Edging: crochet the edge with sc on each stitch all around

* How to make Buttons:

R1: Make an adjustable ring, do 10sc into the ring.

Use a plastic circle loop size 1.5 cm diameter.

R2: Crochet with the plastic circle, do 10 increase sc

You will need 14 buttons. Sew the buttons onto both hill-tops and valleys, 7 buttons for each side. Seal each button by the hole of the other face, and you're done! ^_~

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